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Repairs the equipment and trucks and trailers for On the Rock Transport, Trinity Mining, and Texas Rock & Depot.

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Semi-trucks and dump trucks are a big investment and you want to make sure that you take care of that investment. In order to safely deliver goods while sticking to deadlines you need to ensure that your equipment is in top shape.

We highly recommend that if you own semi-trucks or dump trucks that you have a go-to truck service company in your area. The Diesel Shop would love for you to consider our team of experts the next time you need a truck maintenance company in the Houston, TX area.

What exactly does preventative truck maintenance include?

What exactly does preventative truck maintenance include?

The type of equipment you have in your fleet will determine what maintenance is required. However, in general there are standard maintenance checklists for both semi-trucks and dump trucks.

Common maintenance items include checking:

•Parking brake
•Steering mechanism
•Lighting devices
•Windshield wipers
•Coupling devices
•Engine and oil filter fluids
•Undercarriage and frame

Check one thing off your list and contact The Diesel Shop in Houston, TX to learn more about our truck and dump truck maintenance services!